Neutral Services and Consulting Services


SFI offers a range of "neutral services" and consulting services. For more than 30 years, we've provided forensic accounting and litigation support on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants. With the introduction of neutral services, we work on behalf of one or both parties to assist in reaching a fair result.

Our objective is to reduce the overall resources you expend on a dispute while obtaining a balanced result.

The following services are offered for cases involving economic losses:

Neutral Evaluations

A neutral evaluation assesses the positions of the parties of a dispute, with the aim of reducing the number of issues among the forensic accountants or other financial experts. When warranted, we meet with the expert(s) of either or both sides to narrow the remaining issues.

Joint Retainers

The joint retainer is tailored to meet the needs of each side and serves to increase the likelihood of achieving an appropriate and cost-effective result. Efficiencies are achieved as the parties "co-operate" with a mutual expert.

Forensic Accounting Counsel/Consultant

SFI can provide specialized services to one side of a dispute. These include providing an initial assessment of the economic losses, a second opinion when an expert has prepared a report, assisting with matters that arise through the course of an action (including examinations for discovery), or contributing to financial-related trial preparation.