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We have had the privilege of being involved in a great number of cases over the years
with the following being of particular note.

Steve Moore et al v Todd Bertuzzi et al

Maher Arar
et al v Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada et al

Ryan Morrison et al v Cory Greig et al
            Plaintiff awarded $12.4 million in gross damages.

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Slaght v Phillips et al
            Decision regarding Rule 53.09 (1) of the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure.

Plester v Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company
            Fire loss, jury awarded $525,000 in punitive damages.

Estate of Todd Baylis et al v Attorney General of Canada et al
            Involved the murder of Constable Todd Baylis of the Toronto Police Service.

Estate of Joseph MacDonald v Ontario Parole Board et al
            Involved the murder of Constable Joseph (Joe) MacDonald of the Sudbury Police.

Regina v William Appleton
            First degree murder.

Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton v Consumers' Gas Company et al
            "Lees Avenue" Ottawa, environmental damages.

Coralee Smith et al v Attorney General Of Canada (in Right of the Minister of Public Safety) et al
            Involved the wrongful death of Ashley Smith.

Bobby Hull v Toronto Sun and the Moscow Times

Carl Lewis v Der Spiegel


denotes the party that we acted on behalf of.